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At present in the Republic of Belarus there is necessary legislative base to fight against corruption in all social spheres.

Latin word "corruption" ("corruptio") means bribery, corruption and corruptibility of public figures and politicians, government officials and executives. The basic document of anti-corruption efforts in our country is the Law of Belarus Republic "Against Corruption" dated 20. 07. 2006 number 165 -3 (amended). In the law there are given main definitions and basic terms, the law defines the principles of the fight against corruption, gives a list of public officials and persons equated to them, a list of the restrictions for this persons, guarantees to individuals that contribute detecting corruption, the concept of corruption offenses, the list of public bodies which fight against corruption, etc.


In order to implement the requirements of the Law of Belarus Republic 165 -3 "Against Corruption" (amended) dated 20. 07. 2006, as well as the requirements of Board of Industry Ministry solution dated 02.02. 2012 by order of our company № 161/01 dated 25.04 .2012 there were approved the commission for the fight against corruption, the Commission regulations, plan of measures to fight corruption for 2012-2013 years. The Order sets priority targets, the main directions of the fight against corruption, which will ensure consistency and focus of anti-corruption measures, improve the management responsibility for the failure to prevent, detect, fight corruption and eliminate its consequences.