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The story of "Shchuchin plant" Avtoprovod" began in 1887 with the construction of woodworking shop in Shchuchyn manor of Prince Drutsko-Lyubetsky. 65 years later, in 1953 the woodshop ceased to exist. At its base there was founded Chapayev artel. It produced juices, beverages, fruit wine, canned vegetables and mushrooms. Chapayev artel operated until September of 1958. However, the state's economy is increasingly needed in the manufacture of automotive and other electrical wires.

In 1958, it was decided to use industrial buildings of Chapayev artel in Schuchin for a specialized factory of automotive wires. This plant got the name Shchuchin plant of automotive wires "Avtoprovod".

As a legacy the plant got a shop without any extensions and two storages. Nowadays this is the shop for the production of automotive harnesses.

By order of the Ministry of State Property Management and Privatization of Belarus in 1994 the plant was transformed into joint stock company "Shchuchin plant" Avtoprovod”.

Today JSC "Schuchin plant" Avtoprovod" is part of holding "Automotive components".

History in the people:



Blavatskiy Andrey 

Higher education: Institute of Entrepreneurial Activity 1996. Specialisation: commercial activity. He began his career at the plant in 2000 as a cable and wire crimper plastic and rubber shop of connecting wires. The Director 20.12.2016.





Скитов Г.В.

         Gennady Skitov

       Higher education. Belarusian Institute of Mechanization and agriculture, 1990.
       Mechanical engineer. Belarusian State Economic University,2004.
       Economics and management. Career at the plant was started in 2013 as
       Deputy Director of Production and Sales.Since 09.09.2013 he has became director.
       In 2006 he was awarded the medal "For labor achievements"
       In 2006 he was awarded the medal "For high quality."

Симонович А.И. Alexander Simonovich

Higher education. Belarusian Agricultural Academy of the October Revolution Order and the Red Banner Order, 1981. Mechanization of agriculture. Career at the plant was started in 1965 as an engineer-technologist. He was director from 1.10.1996 to 10.06.2013.

Жилинский Л.В. Lucian Zhilinsky

Higher education. Kharkov Polytechnic Institute of Lenin Order, 1973. Electrical cable technology. Career at the plant was started according to the university direction in 02.04.1973 as shop master. He was director from 01.04.1987 to 31.10.1996.

Кучук В.В. Vladimir Kuchuk

Higher education. Belarusian Institute of National Economy named after V. Kuibyshev in 1969. Planning of agriculture, economist. He was director from 12.02.1982 to 02.03.1987.

Тельцов А.В. Anatoly Teltsov

Higher education. Tomsk Polytechnic Institute, 1950. Electrical cable technology. He was director from 23.03.1966 to 30.11.1981.

Шируков Н.И. Nikolay Shirukov

Higher technical education. He was director from 01.20.1962 to 01.02.1966.

Дулуб Ю.Д. Yuri Dulub

Higher education. Institute of Industry Engineers. Mechanical engineer. Career at the plant was started in 1958 as director. He was director from 26.11.1958 to 20.01.1962.

The founder and the first director of the plant "Avtoprovod". He put a lot of efforts to organize the cable plant on the basis of the local industry farm. He made too much for the construction and reconstruction of automotive harnesses shop, wire drawing shop, for the development and manufacture of the first products - electrical wires, and then for the development and manufacture of automotive harnesses. Yuri Dulub paid special attention to the selection and training of personnel.

He was Included in the Book of People Glory for his achievements in the organization of the plant "Avtoprovod" and in honor of the 50th anniversary of the BSSR and the Communist Party of Belarus.