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Hunting and fishing farm "Kamenka"

Despite the fact that Belarus has no sea beaches, oceans, exotic places, this country has its own advantages. Such as the picturesque nature, rural life, cultural traditions and Belarusian cuisine. Gem truly can be considered a blue lake, which is about 11 thousand. The one who does not see a holiday without fishing impress Belarusian lakes with clear water and beautiful scenery. Those who are tired of the noise metropolis, will be able to enjoy the quiet and beautiful nature, and trips to medieval castles and fortresses add even more color to an unforgettable vacation. Need a break from the bustle of the city, to feel peace, serenity and oneness with nature, and relax your body and soul? Then welcome to the hunting and fishing farm "Kamenka", located in a pine forest in the village of Pike, Shchuchyn district, Grodno region. Rent a cottage in the hunting and fishing economy "Kamenka", then enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Belarusian nature, as well as get the opportunity to plunge into the typical rural culture and life. We offer a comfortable environment for leisure as well as fishing, hunting, horseback riding. As guests of the estate is certainly worth a sweat in this bathhouse with brooms, go for a walk in the woods to pick berries and mushrooms, to taste traditional food and go on excursions to places of interest in Belarus. And if you want yourself to stay in the role of the chef and impress your friends and family the ability to make a stunning smoky barbecue, go to a special area with barbecue - here already have everything you need to prepare a culinary masterpiece. In hunting and fishing economy "Kamenskoe" can be a meaningful date of any size, to relax together, family or friendly company. There will be offered entertainment for everyone, so do not have to be bored here. Choose what you need to relax and go! Come - and get a huge charge of positive energy!

Head hunting farm:

Rozmyslov Dmitry

 Phone: +375 (29) 1012286

Game manager: 

Kostyukevich Valeryan

Phone: +375 (29) 1172833 

Tourism Specialist :

Alesya Bogdevich 

Phone: +375 (44) 7507180

Location: Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Ščučyn district, d.Schuki
Tel. / Fax: +375 (1514) 28234