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Shop «Electromir»

After a break of "Shchuchin plant" Avtoprovod "reopened its stores in the city Shchuchin. Address: Grodno region, Shchuchin Street. The Soviet, 15 (entrance of the plant), you can see the range and acquire cable products. April 1, 2014 the official opening of a new store "Elektromir." Shop started its work and submit products produced by enterprises. Equipped area is designed to maximize the convenience of customers, design is made in a calm minimalist style. Shop implements products in retail, as well as through small wholesale. About us "Elektromir" Shop 'Elektromir "of" Shchuchin plant "Avtoprovod" specializes in the implementation of the entire range of cable and wire products manufactured by our company. The store is equipped warehouse for storage of personal goods. Thousands and thousands of kilometers of cables and wires now cover the whole world. Shop 'Elektromir "of" Shchuchin plant "Avtoprovod" can offer the buyer the widest range of cables and wires. Reliable partner of "Shchuchin plant" Avtoprovod "- your stable partner for the supply of cable products for many companies in Russia, Ukraine, and also near and far abroad. The company responds flexibly to market conditions, which allows to occupy the leading position in this industry. Guaranteed quality products, fast shipping from warehouses, flexible system of discounts, various delivery methods, including w / d transportation, make of "Shchuchin plant" Avtoprovod "reliable partner for mutually beneficial cooperation. All our products are certified cable You can see the quality of products, we are pleased to offer you. We have certificates of quality and compliance for each position of cable products. 

Head shop: 

Lyudmila Lisay

 Store Address: g.Schuchin, Sovetskaya street, 15 

Tel. / Fax: +375 (1514) 23142


 Skype: lyuda.lisay