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The central factory laboratory is structural division of JSC «Shchuchinsky Plant «Avtoprovod».

There are exercises entrance control of materials and components, carries out acceptance, qualification, standard, periodic tests of products on compliance to requirements of the interstate and republican standards establishing requirements to quality of products.

The laboratory is accredited in the National system of accreditation of  Republic of Belarus to compliance to requirements of STB ISO/MEK 17025 and offers the services in carrying out tests to the organizations of various forms of ownership.

The central factory laboratory is included in the Unified Register of testing laboratories of the Customs union.

The laboratory carries out all types of constructive, electric, mechanical and climatic tests. Tests for burning non-proliferation. Carries out an inspection on non-failure operation, reliability and safety of cables and wires, makes check of service life with confirmation of the minimum operating time, makes tests of various electric connectors of the wires and cords reinforced household and extenders and also plaits of wires.

The laboratory allows to carry out entrance control of all arriving materials on the enterprise in full.

The laboratory has the modern test equipment and measuring instruments, providing the set accuracy of tests.

Subjects to tests:

- products cable (cables, wires and cords);

- plaits of wires;

- wires and cords the reinforced (forks);

- electric connectors;

- products from PVC: a tube, hoses, products from film polymers.

Types of tests:

- Measurement of the constructive sizes of cable products;

- Measurement of parameters of cable products:

electric resistance of a conducting vein;

electric resistance of isolation;

electric capacity;

- Climatic tests:

at the increased temperature (up to +300 °C);

at the lowered temperature (up to -75 °C);

change of temperatures (from -75 °C to +300 °C);

relative humidity up to 100%

- Electric tests:

electric durability;

test by tension (~ U up to 30 kV)

- Physicomechanical tests:

durability at stretching;

relative lengthening;

resistance to a bend, excess;

resistance to a navivaniye.

- Indicators of reliability, safety, service life.

Detailed information can be obtained by phone: +375(1514) 28 8 75.