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Year of the Little Motherland

2019 - The Year of the Little Motherland

2018 in Belarus it was decided to declare the Year of the Little Motherland. Alexander Lukashenko stated this on February 9 at the solemn ceremony of presenting state awards to the best workers of the agrarian sector. The adoption of such a decision was prompted by reflections on the importance of a small homeland in the fate of each person, the president explained. "She's a lot of people. For some, it's a hometown, a street in the city or a small courtyard, a village where the best children's years have passed, for others - a piece of wild nature that delighted the eye and gave a feeling of fullness and peace. And for those who went to seek happiness in other countries, Belarus became a small homeland, "the presidential press service quotes Lukashenko as saying.It's time for everyone not only to remember about their roots, about the place where a part of the soul has remained, but also to pay the debt to this piece of land, the president emphasized."I very much want help to come from the heart, become my own initiative. It can be material, creative, enlightening, creative - who can and who can how much. Depends on the possibilities, fantasies and desires of everyone. It's time to prove yourself and write your name in the history of this small homeland, this piece of our land, "Lukashenko said.Belarus is a beautiful and comfortable country with clean cozy cities, well-groomed farmland, rich in nature, the official leader stressed."The state has done a lot in this direction and will not stop there. But there is no limit to perfection, and there is always where to apply your own strength. Belarus is our common home, and it is in our interests to make it cozy and exemplary. Let's show that we are true and diligent masters of our land. There are many of us, and therefore even the most modest contribution of each will play its role, make the country even more beautiful, "Lukashenka said.According to him, "the person who grew up in the countryside, among the fields, forests and rivers, knows what power and energy is filled by the nature of all who are close to her." "Wherever fate casts, he will carry this connection through his whole life. And the Motherland will remain forever in his heart, "the head of state said.