More than half a century
in the market!


The company produces cables and wires, which is used in various industries: machinery (machines, equipment, cars, trucks, farm equipment, passenger transport), energy (power plants and electric installations), consumer goods (household appliances), construction and radio communications.

The plant territory is 8,1243 hectares, Including floor spaces - 18259,8 sq. m.

The main industrial shops:

  • Shop of connecting wires - 10609 sq. m.
  • Shop of automotive wire bundles - 2760,7 sq. m.
  • Shielding shop - 1517,4 sq. m.
  • Drawing shop - 2123,7 sq. m.

Number of employees (01.03.2019)-517 people:

  • Shop of connecting wires – 170 people.
  • Shop of automotive wire bundles – 29 people.
  • Drawing shop – 27 people.
  • Engineering and technical personnel (including managers and specialists) -151 people.
  • Support staff and non-industrial group-137 people.

With the help of drawing process we manufacture current-carrying conductors from copper and aluminum rod. For this purpose our company set up wire drawing shop. Drawing process is divided into three steps: rough, medium and fine. In recent years the shop was considerably modernized. There were installed three multi-way lines of Italian origin, the galvanic line.

From drawing shop copper and aluminum wires are transported to the shop of connecting wires. Annealed wires and tinned wires go to twisting. Twisting of copper conductors is one of the key processes in the cable industry. Twisting gives the product flexibility and resistant design. This operation is performed by twisting machines of tubular and frame type. After stranding conductors come to the section of insulation. Here PVC or polyethylene insulation is imposed. Imposing of insulation is done in two ways: extrusion and evacuation. Also, there PVC or polyethylene sheath is imposed too. When connecting cables manufacture twisted conductors are winded by polyester thread. Insulated conductors of some cable are twisted. Insulated and sheathed products then go on rewinding and testing. These processes are performed on machines with a dry testing. Some cable products are braided on braiding machines. Wires for braiding are supplied from the winder. Packaging of products in shrink film is made on packaging machines. Finished products are passed to a warehouse of finished products.

Tested and rewound cable products are transported to the shop of automotive harnesses. Then wires are cut and armoured. If necessary, the ends of wires and terminals may be coated with tin-lead solder. Further semi finished products are assembled into harnesses. Complete harnesses go to test equipment and then to packaging. JSC "Shchuchin plant" Avtoprovod" makes "retro"-harnesses for GAZ -69 and GAZ- 21 ("Volga"), GAZ M -20 ("Victory"), the GAZ- 12 ("VMS"). The company is ready to make harnesses on the model or according to customer design documentations.

In addition to the main production areas we have:

  • Logistics warehouse;
  • Warehouse of finished products;

Testing Laboratory: Central plant laboratory is accredited by the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus to the requirements of STB ISO/IEC 17025 (accreditation number VY/112

Test objects:

  • cable products;
  • harnesses;
  • armoured cables and cords;
  • electric connectors;
  • soldering irons;
  • PVC products : pipes , hoses , products from polymer film.

Types of tests:

  • Environmental tests:
    • High temperature up to +300°C;
    • Low temperature up to -75°C;
    • Relative humidity up to 100 %
  • Electrical tests:
    • Test voltage of ~U up to 30 kV.
  • Physical and mechanical tests:
    • Tensile strength;
    • Elongation;
    • Resistance to bending;
    • Winding resistance.
  • Indicators of reliability, safety, service life.

For more information, please call: +375 (1514) 28 8 75

Also we have a tare site, a garage, an office building, consumer goods warehouse and a warehouse at railway station "Rozhanka".

Non-productive sphere of JSC "Shchuchin plant "Avtoprovod" includes:

  • canteen;
  • hostel;
  • hotel;
  • first-aid post

JSC "Shchuchin plant "Avtoprovod" has sufficient technical potential, the necessary modern equipment and qualified personnel. Number of employees is 646 people.

Now the plant manufactures more than 2500 dimensional marks of cable products with copper and aluminium conductors with PVC and PE insulation, and also a wide range of wire harnesses. It supplies the automobile and tractor enterprises of the republic. For insulation and sheath manufacturing we use polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC), PVC with low flammability, PVC with low gas- and smoke emission.

The factory occupies a stable position on the market of cable products, having the reputation of the company, producing high quality products. We can produce small and big batch. The manufactured products are supplied to the domestic market of Belarus and abroad.