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Wires with silicone rubber insulation for electrical installations for a voltage of up to 660 V inclusively

Wires with silicone rubber insulation for electrical installations for a voltage of up to 660 V inclusively



Wires are applied in electrical installations for lighting and power networks hardwiring, for electrical engines outputs, for mounting of electrical equipment, machines, units and mechanisms for rated voltage up to 660 V inclusively and up to 15kHz frequency.

Wires are designed for usage in conditions of high and relatively low ambient temperatures. They can be applied in steelmaking, ceramics producing facilities, glass or cement factories, aircraft industry and shipbuilding.

Wire models and their definitions shall correspond to the details specified in the table below:

Wire model



Single wire with copper conductor in silicone rubber insulation


Single wire with flexible copper conductor in silicone rubber insulation


CONDUCTOR:copper, solid. It is allowed to manufacture wires with copper wire tinned tin. In this case, after specifying the section, the letter "l" is put (Example: Pugr 1 × 1.5L). 

INSULATION: silicone rubber


CONDUCTORAREA, mm²:0.50; 0.75; 1.0; 1.5; 2.5; 4; 6; 10; 16; 25; 35


ПуРwire is shock-resistant at a temperature of -25°С.

Wires are resistant to the effect of transformer oils, varnishes, solvents.

Wires do not spread combustion when single laid.

Operational temperature range: from -60°С to +200°С

Permissible continuousconductor heating temperature shall not exceed +200°С.

Permissible conductor heating temperature at overload shall not exceed +250°С during not longer than 2 hours.

Limiting wire conductor temperature in case of absence of combustion at short circuit - 350°С.

Minimal operating wire bend radius shall not be less than ten diameters forПуРmodel, and five diameters forПуГР model.

Factory wire length - not less than 100 m.

It's allowed to deliver cables in 20 m sections at a quantity of not more than 20% of supplied batch.

Supplies of cables of any length are negotiable.

Operational life of wires - not less than 20 years.

Regulations: Technical Specifications BY 500017371.085-2017