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Microphone cords

ШМВ по ТУ BY 500017371.033-2005



Microphone cords with PVC insulation and sheath are designed for connecting microphones, for mounting microphone lines, for connecting microphone-reproducing devices to remote controls.


SHMV - microphone cord with PVC insulation and sheath.




- current-carrying cores of cords are made of copper wire and correspond to class 4 according to GOST 22483;


- cross section of conductive wires 0.12 and 0.35 mm2;


- number of insulated cores in cords from 5 to 12;


- insulation and sheath are made of PVC compound;


- one or two cores have a common or individual screen in the form of a braid of copper wires with a density of at least 70%;


- the isolated veins have a distinctive coloring. No more than two cores of the same color are allowed;


- a fastening winding made of synthetic films is applied over the insulated cores. It is allowed not to use a fastening winding.


Cord resistant to bending.


The cord is flame retardant when laid alone.


The cord is resistant to low ambient temperature minus 40°C and high ambient temperature plus 60°C.


Service life of cords - not less than 8 years.


Warranty period of operation - 2 years.