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Flexible powercables for up to 660 V voltage



Cables of КГтп model are designed for mobile machines, mechanisms and equipment connection to power lines or mobile power sources with alternating voltage up to 660 V and up to 400 Hz frequency or direct voltage up to 1000 V.

Cables of following models are manufactured:




flexible power cable with copper conductors, with insulation of thermoplastic rubber, with sheath of thermoplastic rubber on base of styrene thermo-elastoplasts


CONDUCTOR:copper, stranded.

STRAND:insulated conductors of two- three- and four-core cables are stranded between each other. In five-core cables insulated conductors are stranded around thermoplastic rubberkordel.

INSULATION: thermoplastic rubber. Insulated conductors shall have distinctive colors. Ground conductor is green-and-yellow painted.

SHEATH:thermoplastic rubber. Color of sheath is black.

It's allowed to change the КГтп single-core cable's insulation and sheath with insulating-protective sheath of thermoplastic rubber. Rated insulating-protective sheath thickness shall be equal to both insulation and sheath rated thickness.


CONDUCTORAREA, mm²:0.75; 1.0; 1.5; 2.5; 4; 6; 10; 16; 25; 35; 50; 70; 95.



Insulation electrical resistance of КГтпcable for a length of 1 km at a temperature of +20°С shall be not less than 10M Ω.

Cables are resistant to continuous effect of relative atmospheric humidity up to 98% at ambient temperature up to +35°C

Operating temperature range: from -60˚Сto +75˚С.

Cables of КГтп model are resistant tothe effect of solar radiation.

Cabling and operating bend radius shall not be less than 8 outer cable diameters.

Factorylength of КГтпcablefor conductor areas up to 35.0 mm2shall be not less than 150 m; for conductor areas up to 50.0 mm2 and over -not less than 100 m.

Operational life of cables - not less than 4 years.

Regulations: Technical Specificationsof The Republic of Belarus05755944-005-93