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Automotive cables and wires and wires for rail vehicles

Automotive and railway vehiclewires БПВЛ, БПВЛЭ, БПВЛнг(С), БПВЛЭнг(С)
Wires with polyvinylchloride insulationin varnished braiding for on-board networks

Wires are designed for hardwiringof electrical network (including aviation equipmenthardwiring) with rated voltage up to 250 V and up to 2000 Hz frequency or direct-current voltage up to 500 V at temperatures from -50 °С up to +70 °С.

Wire harnesses for automotive electrical equipment Wire harnesses

Wire harnesses are designed for connection of electrical networks of motor-and-tractor equipment. Harnesses are mounted on the following machinery: cars, buses, tractors, automobile and tractor trailers and semitrailers, agricultural machines, road machines, motorcycles, lift trucks, auto cranes

Multi-core cables withpolyvinylchlorideinsulation and sheath KGVVA, KGVVAM under Belarus quality requirements 16-705.259-82

Multi-core cables withpolyvinylchlorideinsulation and sheath are designed for electric equipment connection to vehicles’ direct current networks with rated voltage up to 28 V.

High-voltage wires PVV, PVV-HL2, PVV-Т2 under Belarus quality requirements 500017371.052-2009
PVV, PVV-HL under Belarus quality requirements 16.705.273-83

Wires are designed for ignition systems of the engines of cars, tractors, motorcycles and other vehicles with maximum operating ignition pulse voltage of 15 kV.

PVC insulated wires in varnished braid for locomotives PVLT, PVLTE, PVLT-1-1 PVLTE-1 under Belarus quality requirements 16-705.347-84

PVC insulated wires in varnished braid are designed for fixed locomotive wiring on rated voltage up to 380V, frequency up to 2000 Hz or DC voltage up to 700V at the temperature from -50°С to + 70°С.

Motor-and-tractor wires with polyvinylchloride insulation (ПВАМ, ПВАМ-1, ПВА, ПВАМДЭ, ПВАЭ models are 	heat-resistant) PGVA, PVA, PGVAM, PVAE, PGVAE under Belarus quality requirements 05755944.013-98
PGVA, PGVAE, PVA under Belarus quality requirements 16. К17.021-94
PVAM under Belarus quality requirements 05755944.012-98

Motor-and-tractor wires with polyvinylchloride insulation (hereinafter – “wires”) are designed for motor-and-tractor equipment connection to electrical equipment with rated voltage up to 28 V, manufactured for vehicles designed for usage in moderate, tropical and frigid climate.

Railway vehicle and trolley-bus wires ППСВ, ППСВВМ, ППСТВМ, ППСТВМнг(А)
по ТУ РБ 05755944.011-97

Wires for railway vehicles and trolley-busses are designed for internal and external wiring of railway vehicles and trolley-busses.

Automotive and railway vehicle wires ППСВВМнг(А), ППСТВМнг(А), КПСВВМнг(А), КПСТВМнг(А), ППСВВМнг(А)-LS
TS BY 500017371.081-2016

Railway vehicle wires and cables