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Multi-core cables withpolyvinylchlorideinsulation and sheath

KGVVA, KGVVAM under Belarus quality requirements 16-705.259-82


Multi-core cables withpolyvinylchlorideinsulation and sheath are designed for electric equipment connection to vehicles' direct current networks with rated voltage up to 28 V.

Wire models and their definitions shall correspond to the details given in the table below:




flexible cableswithpolyvinylchlorideinsulationandsheath;


flexible cableswithpolyvinylchlorideinsulationandsheath with reduced insulation radial thickness.


CONDUCTOR:copper, stranded.

INSULATION:PVC compound. Insulated conductors shall have different colors. КГВВАМ cable has thin wall insulation.

CORE STRAND:insulated conductors are stranded. Parallel conductors' laying in 2-core cables is allowed.

SHEATH:PVC compound.

NUMBER OF CONDUCTORS:2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 12, 14, 19.

RATEDCONDUCTORAREA, mm²: 0.75; 1.0; 1.5.


Conductor's direct-current resistance at a temperature of 20°С shall not be more than:

- for 0.75 mm2 conductor area - 26.0 Ω

- for 1.0mm2 conductor area - 19.5 Ω

- for 1.5mm2 conductor area - 13.3 Ω

Cables are resistant to alternating flexural deformation.

Cablesaredesigned for operation at temperatures:

- from -40°С to +70°Сin compliance with У1;

- from -30°С to +70°Сin compliance with T1;

- from -60°С to +70°Сin compliance with ХЛ1 in conditions of mounting and operation bends with a radius of not less than 15 cable diameters.

Cables are resistant to the effects of mineral oil, gasoline and diesel fuel.

Cables do not spread combustion when single laid.

Factory cable length is not less than 100 m.

Cables operational life is not less than 10 years.

Regulations:Technical Specifications 16-705.259-82