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Automotive wires with PVC insulation
Automotive heat-resistant wires with PVC insulation

PGVA, PVA, PGVAM, PVAE, PGVAE under Belarus quality requirements 05755944.013-98
PGVA, PGVAE, PVA under Belarus quality requirements 16. К17.021-94
PVAM under Belarus quality requirements 05755944.012-98


Automotive wires are designed for use in road vehicle applications where the nominal system voltage is up to 48 V. These wires are used in cars operating in temperate, cold and tropical climatic regions.

PVAM and PGVAM single core flexible heat-resistant wires are applied for flexible connection of automotive electric equipment.


CONDUCTOR — copper multiwire.
INSULATION — PVC for PGVA and PGVAE, heat-resistant PVC for PVA and PVAM. PVAM insulation is thin. The wire must be solid or combined coloured. Combined colouring should be made by the combination of parallel longitudinal stripes of two colours, one of which is basic. Secondary colours shall consist of one or two stripes
SHIELD — - braid from copper wires with nominal diameter 0,12 - 0,26 mm, tinned by lead-tin solder
CONDUCTOR CROSS-SECTION, mm² — 0,35; 0,50; 0,75; 1,00; 1,5; 2,5; 4,0; 6,0; 10,0 16,0; 25,0; 35,0; 50,0; 70,0; 95,0.


Operational temperature range:

  • for wires PGVA, PGVAE is from -40°C to +70°C;
  • for wires PVA, PVAM, PVAE is from -40°C to +105°C.

Wires resist to cracking, vibration loads, a gasoline, a mineral oil and mold fungi.
Wires do not extend combustion at a single laying.

Delivery length should not be less than:

  • 50m for cross-sections 35,0mm² and more.

10m and more wire pieces are possible to deliver but not more than 5 % of total length of batch
Average service life of wires is 10 years.