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Fire-resistant, flame-retardant power cables with low gas and fume emission




Cables are designed for power transmission and distribution in fixed units and fixed installation of power lines with rated alternating voltage of 660 V or 1000 V and 50 Hz frequency.

Cable models and their definitions shall correspond to the details given in the table below:




Power cable with copper conductors, with thermal barrier of mica tapes, in flame-retardant polyvinylchloride compound insulation and sheathwith low gas and fume emission


The same with shielding of foil or copper tape under sheath



CONDUCTOR:copper, solid.

BRAIDING:each conductor of each model is braided with two mica tapes with rated thickness of 0.14 mm in one direction with not less than 40% overlay

It's allowed to lay polyethylene terephthalate film braiding over mica tapes with not less than 15% overlay.

INSULATION: flame-retardant polyvinylchloride (PVC) compound with low gas and fume emission

STRAND:insulated conductors shall be stranded.During stranding of four-core cables with conductor area of 6.0 mm2and more as well as five-core cables - insulated conductors are located around PVC compoundkordel.

Two- and four-core cables can have insulated parallel laid conductors. Inthiscase "П" index goes after cable model.

FILLING:stranded insulated conductors shall be coated with inner extruded sheath of flame-retardant PVC compound with low gas and fume emission which fills the spaces between conductors in multi-core cables.

SHIELDING:inner sheath of ВВГЭнг(А)-FRLS cable shall be shielded with copper tape or copper foil braiding. It's allowed to shield the ВВГЭнг(А)-FRLS cables with copper wire lay.

SHEATH:  flame-retardant PVC compound with low gas and fume emission


CONDUCTORAREA, mm²:1.5;2. 5;4;6;10;16;25;35;50.


Cables are operable at relative atmospheric humidity up to 98% at ambient temperature up to +35°C

Operating temperature range: from -30°С to +50°С.

Maximal continuous conductor heating temperatureduring operation: not more than +70°С.

Permissible conductor heating temperature under overload conditions is not more than 90°С.Operating periodunder overload conditions - not less than 8 hours per day and not more than 1000 hours overall.

Minimal bend radius of multi-core cables during cabling shall be not less than 10 outer cable diameters.

Cables do not spread combustion when laid as harness.

Factory power cable length - 450m.

Operational life-30 years.

Regulations: TechnicalSpecificationsBY 500017371.072-2013, TechnicalSpecifications16-705.337-2004 (GOST 31996-2012) (manufactured under license of JSC "All-Russian Research and Development Institute for Cable Industry")