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Heating wire

PNZHV, PNZHP under Belarus quality requirements 500017371.028-2003
PNSV under Belarus quality requirements 16.K71-013-88


Heating wire with steel conductor is designed for heating of monolithic concrete and ferro-concrete, and also for floor heaters at AC voltage up to 380V nominal frequency 50 Hz or DC voltage up to 1000V.


CONDUCTOR — steel single-wire.
INSULATION — PVC (PNZHV) or polyethylene (PNZHP). Nominal insulation thickness is 0,8 mm.

Nominal diameter of wires, mm Nominal conductor DC resistance at 20°С, Оhm/m Nominal external diameter of wire, mm Delivery length, m Length of heating section at 200V, 20°С, m Power density of heating section at 20°С, W/m Weight, kg/km PVC Weight, kg/km PE
1,0 0,22 2,6 80 80 20 13 11
1,1 0,18 2,7 95 95 20 15 13
1,2 0,12 2,8 110 110 20 16 14
1,3 0,14 2,9 125 125 20 18 16
1,4 0,11 3,0 140 140 20 20 18


Electric resistance of insulation per 1 km at +20°C should not be less than 1 МОhm.
Провода стойки к смене температур окружающей среды от -60°С до +50°С.
Wires can operate at an ambient temperature from -60°C to +50°С.
Maximum permissible temperature of insulation is +80°С.
Permissible temperature at mounting should not be below -15°C.
Cables resist to water and to 20 % salt water solution or 30 % alkaline solutions of Ca(OH)2 or NaOH.
Bending radius of wires at installation is not less than 5 external diameters of wire.
ДMounted wires should not be crossed or touch to each other, permissible distance between mounted wires is not less than 15mm.
For achievement of even thermal field the mounted wires are recommended to cover with metal-foil of 0,2-0,5 mm.
Average service life of wires is 16 years.