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Heating wires



Heating wires with steel conductor is designed for cast concrete and reinforced concrete heating and for ground-type heaters with 380 V alternating voltage of 50 Hz frequency or up to 1000 V direct voltage.


CONDUCTOR:steel, solid conductor

INSULATION: PVC compound (ПНСВ, ПНЖВ) or polyethylene (ПНЖП).

Insulation rated thickness - 0.8 mm.


CONDUCTORDIAMETER, mm:1.0;1.1;1.2;1.3;1.4;1.8;2.0;2.2;3.0.


ПНЖВ, ПНСВ models operating temperature range: from -40°С to +70°С.

ПНЖПmodel operating temperature range: from -60°С to +70°С.

Rated radial thickness of wire insulation for ПНЖВ and ПНЖП models with conductor diameter from 1.0 mm to 1.4 mm - 0.8 mm; with conductor diameter from 1.8 mm and above - 1.0 mm.

Insulated conductors color - any. Usage of mixed and transitional colors is allowed.

Electrical wireinsulation resistance for a length of 1 km at a temperature of +20°Сshall be not less than 1 MΩ

Wires are resistant to ambient temperature changes from -60°С to +50°С.

Maximal permissible insulation temperature: +80°С.

Wiringshall be performed at ambient temperature not lower than -15°С

Wires are resistant to the effects of water, 20% sodium chloride-water solution and 30% Ca(OH)2 or NaOHalkaline solutions.

Operating bend while wiring - not less than 5 outer wire diameters.

Mounted wires shall not cross or contact each other; wire spacing shall be not less than 15 mm.

To achieve thermal field uniformity, it is recommended to cover the mounted wires with metal foil with 0.2-0.5 mm thickness.

Rated conductor electrical resistance for a length of 1 km at a temperature of +20°С:

Wires operational life - not less than 16 years.

Regulations: Technical Specificationsof The Republic of Belarus500017371.028-2003, Technical Specifications16.К71-013-88