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Heating coaxial monophase cable

KNK-103 under Belarus quality requirements 500017371.020-2002


Heating coaxial monophase cable is designed for heating installations, systems and devices for heating frozen ground and beton, snowmelting at roof surfaces and others road and bridge constructions, for heating of floors, ground in glasshouses, production pipelines, pavements, open stairs and ramps.


Trade mark Nominal outer diameter, mm Weight, kg/km
KNK-103 7,8 80

INNER CONDUCTOR — steel low-carbon zinc coated wire (diameter 1,2 mm).
INSULATION — silan cross-linked polyethylene.
OUTER CONDUCTOR — braid from steel wires of diameter 0,15 mm. Coverage is not less than 85%.
SECOND INSULATION LAYER — silan cross-linked polyethylene.
SHIELD — braid from steel wires of diameter 0,15 mm. Coverage is not less than 50%.
SHEATH — heat resistant PVC.


Electric resistance of insulation per 1 km at the temperature +20°C should not be less than 10 МОhm; at the temperature +80°С - not less than 0,5 МОhm.
Cables resist to water and fertilizer solutions, to 20% salt water solution or 30% alkaline solutions of Ca(OH)2 or NaOH.
The total operating time of cable under current loading at the sheath surface temperature +80°C is not more than 20000 hours
Permissible mounting temperature is not below -10°C, permissible bending radius at mounting is not less than 5 nominal outer diameters of cable.
Cable introducing in the network is made according to operational requirements of heating object.
Permissible distance between assembled cables should not be less than 50mm.

Power is supplied from one end of a cable through terminal clamps in box excluding moisture penetration. Cables are used at fixed mounting.
The delivery length is not less than 130 meters, 65m and more cable pieces are possible to deliver but not more than 20% of total length of batch.
Average service life of cables is 20 years.