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Phone and radio installation cables, single-pair



Single-pairphoneandradioinstallationcablesare designed for operation under up to 380 V and 10 kHz frequency on telephone lines and wire broadcasting network distribution circuits.

Cable models and their definitions shall correspond to the details given in the table below:



Application area


Single-paircable with copper conductors, PE insulated, in PE sheath

In soil, underground conduits, on structure walls, line poles notaffected bystrong ice and wind


Single-paircable with copper conductors, PE insulated, in PVC sheath

In soil, underground conduit systems,on structure walls


CONDUCTOR:copper, soft, single.

INSULATION: polyethylene.

SHEATH:           light-stabilized polyethylene(ПРППМ), PVC compound (ПРПВМ).


CONDUCTORDIAMETER, mm:0.8; 0.9;1.2.

ПРПВМ cables do not spread combustion when single laid.


Conductor direct-current resistance for a length of 1 km at a temperature of +20°С shall be not less than:

- for conductor with 0.8 mm rated diameter - 36.0 Ω;

- for conductor with 0.9 mm rated diameter - 28.4 Ω;

- for conductor with 1.2 mm rated diameter - 16.0Ω.

Operation temperature for ПРППМ model: from -60°С to +50°С;

for ПРПВМmodel: from -40°С to +60°С.

Cablesareresistant to high atmospheric humidity up to 98% at temperature up to +35°C

Cabling shall be performed at ambient temperature not lower than -10°С with bend radius not less than ten outer cable diameters.

Factory cable length - not less than 500 m.

Operational life of cables - not less than 10 years.

Regulations: Technical Specifications16.705.450-87, Technical SpecificationsBY 500017371.048-2009