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Telephone distribution wires

TRP, TRV under Belarus quality requirements 500017371.047-2008
TRP, TRV under quality requirements 16. К04.005-89


Telephone distribution wires are designed for permanent installation on and under plaster in dry and damp rooms (TRV) and permanent installation on external walls (TRP).


CONDUCTOR — soft copper single-wire.
INSULATION — polyethylene for TRP and PVC for TRV. Two parallel conductors are insulated and separated one from another by flat baffle from the same material.


Trade mark Number of conductors, pcs. Nominal conductor diameter, mm Nominal thickness of insulation, mm Nominal dimension of separating baffle (thickness - width), mm Max. outer dimensions (thickness - width), mm Weight, kg/km
TRP 2 0,4 0,7 0,9×2,0 2,2×6,4 6,2
2 0,5* 0,7 0,9×2,0 2,3×6,6 7,7
TRV 2 0,4 0,7 0,9×2,0 2,2×6,4 7,8
2 0,5* 0,7 0,9×2,0 2,3×6,6 9,5

*diameter 0,5 – for Belarus quality requirements 500017371.047-2008

DC resistance of conductor per 1 km at the temperature 20ºС is not more than:

  • for conductor diameter 0,4 mm — 148 Ohm;
  • for conductor diameter 0,5 mm — 94 Ohm

Operational temperature: from -60˚С to +65˚С (for TRP); from-40˚С to +65˚С (for TRV).
Wires resist to air humidity up to 98 % at the temperature +35˚С.
Permissible temperature during installation of wires with polyethylene insulation should not be below -30˚С, with PVC insulation – below -15˚С.
The delivery length should not be less than 400 meters, 40m and more wire pieces are possible to deliver but not more than 10% of total length of batch.
Average service life of wires is 12 years for exterior installation; 25 years for interior installation.