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Installation wires for household use




Wires are designed for lighting networks wiring, mounting and connection of equipment to alternating current power line with up to 380 V alternating voltage and 50 Hz frequency.

Wire models and their definitions shall correspond to the details given in the table below:




wire with parallel laid conductors, in polyvinylchloride insulation and sheath


wire with parallel laid conductors, in polyvinylchloride insulation and sheath, flexible



CONDUCTOR:copper, solid; copper, stranded

INSULATION: PVCcompound. One of the insulated conductors has a distinctive color. Insulation of ground conductor is green-and-yellow colored; neutral conductor insulation is blue colored. Insulated conductors are parallel laid.

SHEATH:  PVCcompound. Sheath coloring is negotiable.


CONDUCTORAREA, mm²:1.0; 1.2; 1.5; 2.0; 2.5; 3; 4; 5; 6.


Insulation electrical resistance for a length of 1 km at a temperature of +20°С is not less than:

- 7 M Ωfor 0.75 mm² conductor area;

- 6 M Ωfor1.0-1.5mm² conductor area;

- 5 M Ωfor2.0-4.0mm² conductor area;

- 4 M Ωfor5.0-6.0mm² conductor area.

Operating temperature range: from -40˚Сto +70˚С.

Wires do not spread combustion when single laid.

Specified no-failure operating time shall be not less than 12000 hours.

Conductors shall be made of copper wire and comply with class 1 for ПБВВ wires and class 3 and 4 for ПБВВГ wires according to GOST 22483.

Polyvinylchloride insulation and sheath shall be resistant to deformation at a temperature of +70°С and to cracking.

Factorywire length - not less than 100 m.

Operational life of wires - not less than 8 years.

Regulations: Technical Specifications of The Republic of Belarus 500017371.025-2002