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Wires with PVC insulation for electric installations

PV-1, PV-2, PV-3, PV-4, PV-6 under Belarus quality requirements 500017371.042-2008
PV-1, PV-2, PV-3, PV-4, PPV, APV in accordance with State Standard 6323-79
PuV, PuGV, PuGVV under Belarus quality requirements 16.705.501-2010
60227 IEC 06; 60227 IEC 06 RoHS; 60227 IEC 08; 60227 IEC 08 RoHS according to
Belarus Standard IEC 60227-3-2002


Installation wires are designed for power installations, for fixed wiring in lighting and power mains, and also for assembling of electric equipment, machines on rated voltage up to 450V (for mains up to 450/750V) frequency up to 400 Hz or DC voltage up to 1000V.


CONDUCTOR — copper solid or multiwire; aluminium solid or multiwire.
INSULATION — PVC. Insulation colouring may be solid or with two opposite longitudinal stripes on the insulation of natural colour. Drain wires are of greenish-yellow colouring.
CROSS-SECTION of CONDUCTORS, mm2: 0,50; 0,75; 1,0; 1,5; 2,5; 4,0; 6,0; 10,0; 16,0; 25,0; 35,0; 50,0; 70,0; 95,0.


Wires resist to an ambient temperature from -50°C to +70°С (60227 IEC 08 - to +90 °С)
Wires resist to mechanical impacts, linear acceleration, bends, vibration, acoustic noise and mold fungi.
Wires do not extend combustion at single laying.
Wires with “RoHS” index do not contain lead.
Permissible temperature for installation is not below -15°C.
Bending radius of wires at installation should not be less than 10 wire diameters.
Permissible conductor preheating temperature should not be more than +70°C.
The delivery length is not less than 100 meters, 20 m and more cable pieces are possible to deliver but not more than 10% of total length of batch.
Average service life of wires is 10 years.