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Monitoring and control cables




Control cables are designed for connectionof electrical devices and terminal blocks of electric switchgearswith rated alternating voltage up to 660 V and 100 Hz frequency or direct voltage up to 1000 V, for indoors hardwiring, channel and tunnelhardwiring in aggressive environmental conditionsin the absence of mechanical influence on the cable.

It is allowed to lay cables in the ground (trenches) while ensuring cablesprotection in places where they exit to the surface.

КВВГнг(А) andКВВГнг(А)-LS cables are used for laying in cable structures and rooms to provide cable circuit fire safety in case of harness laying.


CONDUCTOR:copper, solid.

INSULATION: PVC compound; for cables with "нг(А)-LS" index - flame-retardant PVC compound with low gas and fume emission.

STRAND:insulated pairs are stranded. Each lay-up has a meter pair which insulated conductors differ in color from each other and from other conductors.

SHEATH:  PVC compound; for cables with "нг(А)" index - fire-resistant PVC compound; for cables with "нг(А)-LS" index -flame-retardant PVC compound with low gas and fume emission.

SHIELDING:КВВГЭ, КВВГЭнг(А), КВВГЭнг(А)-LS cables' inner extruded filling shall be shielded with copper foil or tape braiding with covering providing denseness of shielding when cable is bended at permissible radius. It is allowed to use aluminoflex by aluminum layer to the inside.

NUMBER OF CONDUCTORS:4, 5, 7, 10, 14, 19.

CONDUCTORAREA, mm²:0.75; 1.0; 1.5; 2.5; 4; 6.


Operating temperature range - from +50˚С to -50˚С.

Cables are resistant to highlevel of relative atmospheric humidity up to 98% at ambient temperature up to +35°C.

Maximal permissible continuous conductor heating temperature: +70°С

Cables with "нг(А)"and "нг(А)-LS" indexesdo not spread combustion when laid as harness

Cables are resistant to mounting bends.

Factorycable length - not less than 150 m.

Operational life of cables - not less than 15years, when laid indoors - 25 years.

Regulations: GOST 1508-78, Technical Specifications of The Republic of Belarus 500017371.030-2004,Technical SpecificationsBY 500017371.045-2009, Technical Specifications16-705.310-2001 (manufactured under license of JSC "All-Russian Research and Development Institute for Cable Industry")