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Control cable with copper conductors in halogen-free polymer compound insulation and sheath.




Cables are designed for power transmission and distribution in fixed electrical facilities with rated alternating voltage of 0.66 kV and up to 100 Hz frequency, including application in nuclear power plants (NPP) out of containment areas.

Cables of following models are manufactured:




Control cable with copper conductors, in halogen-free polymer compound insulation and sheath.


The same, foil shielded

*HF- Halogen-Free


CONDUCTOR:copper, solid.

Rated areas and number of conductors shall correspond to to the details given in the table below:

Rated conductorarea, mm²

Number of conductors in cable

1.0; 1.5; 2.5

4; 5; 7; 10; 14; 19; 27; 37

4; 6


INSULATION: halogen-free polymer compound.

STRAND:insulated conductors of multi-core cables are stranded into core.

INNERSHEATH:halogen-free polymer compound filling the spaces between stranded conductors.

SHIELDING:for КППГЭнг(А)-HF cable - braiding with separator of copper foil or copper tape or aluminum foil orfoiled flexible composite aluminoflex with aluminum layer.

Tinned copper contact wire is laid along aluminum foil or aluminoflex.

SHEATH:halogen-free polymer compound.


Control cables are designed forrated alternating voltage of 0.66 kV.

Insulation electrical resistance for a length of 1 km at a temperature of +20°С for insulation of cross-linked polyethylene shall be not less than 150M Ω.

Cables shall be resistant to winding.

Cables are designed for operation at ambient temperature from -50°С to +50°С.

Cables are operable at relative atmospheric humidity up to 98% at ambient temperature up to +35°C.

Cables shall not spread combustion when laid in groups under A category.

Fume emission during cable combustion and smoldering shall not decrease the light flux in test chamber by more than 40%.

Factorylength - 150 m.

Operational cable life - not less than 30 years.

Regulations: Technical Specifications 16.К71-304-2001