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Power and control cables, low flammability and low gas and smoke emission
Power cables with PVC insulation and sheath

AVVGng(А)-P, AVVG-P, VVGng(А)-P, VVG-P, AVVG, VVG, AVVGng(А), VVGng(А)under Belarus quality requirements 16-705.499-2010
VVG, VVG-P, AVVG, AVVG-P on 660V in accordance with State Standard 16442-80
VVG-1, AVVG-1 on 660V, 1000V under Belarus quality requirements 05755944-006-94
VVGng, AVVGng, on 660V under Belarus quality requirements 500017271.030-2004
VVGng-LS, AVVGng-LS under Belarus quality requirements 500017371.045-2009


Power cables with copper or aluminium conductors, with PVC insulation and sheath are designed for energy transmission and distribution at stationary installations, for fixed wiring on AC nominal voltage 660V or 1000V frequency 50 Hz.


CONDUCTOR — round copper single- or multi-wire; round aluminium single or multi-wire.
INSULATION — PVC. PVC with index “ng” has low flammability; PVC with index “ng-LS” has low flammability and low gas- and smoke-emission. Insulated cores have identification colouring. Insulation of neutral conductors is blue; insulation of drain wires is greenish-yellow.
STRAND — insulated cores (3, 4, 5) are twisted, in all cables with “ng” index insulated cores are twisted.
SHEATH — PVC. PVC with index “ng” has low flammability; PVC with index “ng-LS” has low flammability and low gas- and smoke-emission. In cables VVG-1 and AVVG-1 insulated conductors are wrapped by PVC tape or polyethylene terephthalate film with overlap not less than 20 %.
NUMBER OF WIRES — 1,2,3,4,5.
CONDUCTOR CROSS-SECTIONS, mm² — 1,5; 2,5; 4,0; 6,0; 10,0; 16,0; 25,0; 35,0; 50,0; 70,0; 95,0.


Permissible operational temperatures is from -50˚С to +50˚С.
Permissible operational preheating temperature of conductors is +70˚С.
Cables VVG, AVVG, VVG-1, AVVG-1 do not extend combustion at a single laying. Cables VVGng, AVVGng do not extend combustion in bunches.
The minimum bending radius at laying is 7,5 external diameters of cable.
The delivery length should not be less than 450 meters for cross-sections from 4,0 up to 16,0 mm²; 300 meters - for cross-sections from 25,0 up to 70,0mm²; 200 meters - for cross-section 95,0mm²; 20 meter and more cable pieces are possible to deliver but not more than 10% of total length of batch.
Average service life of cables is 30 years.