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Connecting wires and cords

Flexible cord with stranded conductors in polyvinylchloride sheath, braided with cotton or synthetic fibers ШВО

Flexible cord with stranded conductors in polyvinylchloride sheath, braided with cotton or synthetic fibers is designed for connection of heating devices to power line with rated voltage up to 380 V

Connecting wires and cords, low-voltage wires and cords. ПВС, ПВСн, ШВВП, ПВС-Т, ПВС-ТТ, ПВС/АБС, ПВС-ТS, ШВВП-c, 60227 IEC 53, 60227 IEC 52, 60227 IEC 53 RoHS (RoHS/REACH), 60227 IEC 52 RoHS (RoHS/REACH), ПВСнг(А)-LS, ПВС-Тнг(А)-LS, ПВС-ТТнг(А)-LS, ПВС-ТSнг(А)-LS, ШВВПнг(А)-LS, ШВП-2, ШВП-2нг(А)-LS, ШВП-3
GOST 7399-97, Technical Specifications of The Republic of Belarus 500017371.019-2001, GOST IEC 60227-5-2013, Technical SpecificationsBY 500017371.066-2012, Technical SpecificationsBY 500017371.070-2012

Wires and cordsarmored with solid two-pin plugs are designed for connecting of electrical equipment and devices of household or similar use to alternating-current power line of 16 А and 250 V rated voltage

Microphone cords ШМВ по ТУ BY 500017371.033-2005

Microphone cords with insulation and PVC plastic sheath

Connecting wires and cords are used to power any type of electrical equipment from the mains. At your choice, we offer several types of cables from the Avtoprovod company, which you can buy in bulk.


Design and product features

Connecting wire - a cable product with several twisted cores and protection in the form of insulation and sheath.


The main components of our products:


  • 2-5 copper stranded conductors, most often twisted;
  • Copper is insulated with PVC compound (including those with low gas and smoke emission) or cross-linked polyethylene;
  • The cross section of the wire varies depending on the power of the connected devices and the location of the laying - from 0.35 to 16;
  • The shell of the product is also made of polyvinylchloride compound. Some models are additionally covered with a braid.

It is important to note the increased flexibility of our connecting cords.


The most popular brands are PVA, PVA-VP, ShVVP, etc. The wires are resistant to mold fungi. RoHS wires are lead free.


Application area

The wires of our production can be laid in any way that does not contradict the rules for electrical installations.


In the presence of connecting wires reinforced with non-separable two-pole plugs.


When buying from us, you get a connecting cable not with a store wrap, but at the manufacturer's price. In addition to favorable conditions, we offer delivery in Belarus, as well as to Russia (Moscow, etc.).


You can purchase goods via the Internet by leaving a request on our website.