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Reinforced wires and cords

PVS-VP, SHVVP-VP in accordance with State Standard 28244-96
SHVO-VP under Belarus quality requirements 500017371.018-2001


Wires and cords reinforced by molded doublepole plugs are designed for connecting of electric machines and household appliances to AC circuits up to 16A and nominal voltage up to 250V.


Trade mark Number & nominal cross-section of conductors, mm² Protection class of appliance Nominal current loading, A
PVS-VP 2х0,75 II 6
PVS-VP 2х1,0 II 6
PVS-VP 3х0,75 I 10
PVS-VP 3х1,0 I 16
SHVVP-VP 2х0,5 II 2,5
SHVVP-VP 2х0,75 II 2,5
SHVO-VP 2×0,5 II 2,5
SHVO-VP 2×0,75 II 2,5
SHVO-VP 2×0,75 II 6
SHVO-VP 3×0,75 I 10
SHVO-VP 3×1,0 I 16
SHVO-VP 3×1,5 I 16

Plug body of reinforced cord is made from PVC of the same colour, as a wire; in cord SHVO-VP colour of plugs corresponds to one of thread braid colours.
The design of plugs excludes monopole placing of a plug in the doublepole socket.
Electric resistance of plug insulation at air humidity 93 % at 25°С should not be less than 5 МOhm.
Plugs of the reinforced cords resist to the temperature 100°С during 1 hour.
Plugs of reinforced cords stand up to 1000 fallings from 500 mm height; plugs withstand compressive force 300N.
Plugs stand up to impact at the temperature -15°C.
The bending resource of reinforced cords at nominal values of voltage and current loading is not less than 10000 cycles in a place of cord or wire input in a plug.
Average service life of reinforced cords should not be less than 4 years.