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Insulated overhead self-supporting wires

SIP-4 under Belarus quality requirements 500017371.051-2009
SIP-4 under quality requirements 16-705.500-2006


Insulated overhead self-supporting wires are designed for nominal voltage up to 0,6/1 кV nominal frequency 50Hz. SIP-4 - Self-supporting wire with aluminium conductors, with insulation from light-stabilized cross-linked PE, without messenger wire for submains, for installation on external walls and for overhead lines.


MOTHER LODE — compacted round aluminium multi-wire.
INSULATION — light stabilized cross-linked polyethylene of black colour.
STRAND — insulated cores are twisted among themselves. The core strand has the right direction.


Number & nominal cross-section of conductors, mm² External diameter of wire, mm Mother-lode DC resistance, Ohm, no more Weight, kg/km Permissible current loading, А, not more
2х16 15 1,910 148 100
4х16 18 1,910 295 100
2х25 17 1,200 208 130
4х25 21 1,200 417 130

Wires resist to sunlight and rain influence.
Range of operational temperatures is from -60°C to +50°С.
Permissible ambient temperature at installation is not below -20°C.
The bending radius at installation and on supports should be equal to 10 external wire diameters.
Permissible conductor heating temperature at operation should not exceed 90°С at normal mode and 250°С - at short circuit.
The delivery length of wires is agreed at order.
Average service life of wires is 40 years.