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Microphone cables and wires with shielding



Microphone cables and wires with shielding are designed for connection of separate parts from microphone package sets, microphones to amplifiers and audio recorders connection and for microphone lines power supply and mounting.

Cable models and their definitions shall correspond to the details given in the table below:




Compact microphone cable with polyethylene insulation, shielded, in polyvinylchloride compound sheath


Thesame. Insulated conductors can be colored. Thus index "ц" is added to cable model.


CONDUCTOR:copper, stranded

INSULATION: polyethylene

SHIELDING(foilorindividual):copper wires with braiding coverage is not less than 70%.

SHEATH: PVC compound

NUMBER OF CONDUCTORS:1,2,3,4,5,7,9,11

CONDUCTORAREA, mm²:0.12;0.35.


Cable is resistant to low ambient temperature up to -40°С.

Cable is resistant to high ambient temperature up to +60°С.

Cable is resistant to ambient temperature changes from -40°С to +60°С.

Cable is resistant to continuous effect of relative atmospheric humidity up to 98% at ambient temperature up to +25°C

Cable does not spread combustion when single laid.

Minimal operating bend radius while cabling at a temperature not lower than -10°Сshall be not less than ten cable or cord diameters; number of folds - not more than fifty.

Cables can be operated at relative atmospheric humidityup to 93% at +25°С temperature;

Factory length - not less than 30 m.

Cable operational life - not less than 8 years.

Regulations: Technical SpecificationsBY 500017371.033-2005