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Flexible insulating tubes

ТВ-40, ТВ-60, ТВ-М, ТВ-В


Tubes are designed for protection and additional insulation of cables, conductors of various electrical equipment operating with up to 1000 V of alternating or direct voltage and up to 50 Hz frequency.

Tube models and their definitions shall correspond to the details given in the table below:



ТВ-40, ТВ-40Т,  ТВ-40А, ТВ-60

Tube of polyvinylchloride compound of type 305 under GOST 19034-82


Insulatingtube, flexible, madeofmodifiedpolyvinylchloridecompoundunderTechnicalSpecificationsofTheRepublicofBelarus05755944.007-97


Insulating tube, flexible, soft, under Technical Specifications of The Republic of Belarus 05755944.007-97


Tubes of ТВ-40, ТВ-40Т, ТВ-М models are made of PVC compound.

Tubes of ТВ-40Аmodel are made of heat-resistant PVC compound.

Tubes of ТВ-60 model are made of frost-resistant PVC compound.

Tubes of ТВ-Вmodel are made of modified PVC compound.

Tubes are manufactured with rated inner diameter from 3.0 mm to 20.0 mm and with wall thickness from 0.40 mm to 1.15 mm.

Tube length shall not be less than 5 m.

Temperature range of tubes' static application:

- forТВ-40, ТВ-МandТВ-В models: from -40˚С to+70˚С;

- forТВ-40Аmodel: from -40˚С to+105˚С;

- forТВ-60 model: from -60˚С to+70˚С.

Regulations: GOST 19034-82, Technical Specifications of The Republic of Belarus05755944.007-97