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Mounting data cables

MКSHv, MКSHng(A), MКSHng(A)-LS, MКESHv, MКESHng(A), MКESHng(A)-LS under Belarus quality requirements 500017371.68-2012


Cables are designed for data buses, sensors with digital frequency-modulated signal, 4-20 mA signal, for HART, RS485, RS482, RS422 interface and other interfaces that require the use of "twisted pair" as transmit/receive data channel. Cables are used at operating nominal AC nominal voltage up to 500V and frequency up to 400Hz or DC voltage up to 750V.


CONDUTOR — tinned copper multiwire.
INSULATION — PVC. PVC with index “ng-LS” has low flammability and low gas- and smoke-emission.
STRAND — insulated cores are twisted in pairs. Pairs must be twisted into a core. In each lay there are two cores different from each other and from all cores by its colour.
SHIELD — from copper wires. Shield density is not less than 65%.
PROTECTIVE HOSE — PVC. PVC with index “ng-LS” has low flammability and low gas- and smoke-emission.
CROSS-SECTIONS OF CONDUCTORS, mm2 — from 0,5 to 1,5.


Electric resistance of insulation per 1 km of cable at 20°С should not be less than 10 МОhm.
Cables resist to bending.
Wires do not extend combustion at single laying.
Cables with index “ng-LS” do not extend combustion in bunches.
Range of operational temperature at fixed connection is from -40°C to +60°С.
Cables resist to relative humidity up to 98% at the temperature +35°С.
Minimal bending radius of cables at installation should not be less than 20 maximal diameters of cable.
Maximal temperature of conductors should not exceed 60°С.
The delivery length of cables should not be less than 50 meters.
Average service life of cables is not less than 15 years.